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About Me:
"The person I am seeking should be successful, yet down to earth. He should be spiritual in some way. A good sense of humor is a must. He should enjoy spontaneity and would hopefully share a sense of adventure with me. He should be young spirited, yet I would like a man who takes good care of himself and doesn't abuse his body with smoke or alcohol. He does not have to be a health nut or live in the gym! He should enjoy theater, fine restaurants, as well as casual cozy ones. Hopefully he would enjoy"
My Perfect Date in a Nutshell Would Be:
"The man I am seeking should be at least 5'10, if not taller. He should be rather muscular in build, as opposed to thin. Hopefully, he will have a warm smile. As long as the whole picture looks good I have no further preferences. Of course, there must "

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Age: 56
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Conservative
Location: Wellington, FL (US)
Occupation: Educational Therapist
Last active: Been a While...

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