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User Thumnails

About Me:
"I am looking for a warm, caring person with good communication skills. A person that wants to share life's joys and adventures. I enjoy the beach, art and jazz festivals, most sports, a variety of of music, fine dining and travel. Spending quality time with family and good friends is also very important to me."
My Perfect Date in a Nutshell Would Be:
"To me,inner beauty is more important than the facade."
I'm a Good Date Because:
Warm, caring, honest and funny. Most of all I am a good communicator, as well as a terriific listener.
One thing worth going to jail for would be...
Nothing is worth jail time!
My travels have taken me to...
throughout the US and parts of the Carribean

Dating Profile

Basic Information

Age: 58
Gender: Male
Status: Divorced
Affiliation: Reform
Location: Sunrise, FL (US)
Occupation: Photographer
Last active: Been a While...

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