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About Me:
"Looking for a walking partner! Having a profession that you enjoy and apply yourself to is always a plus! I enjoy many venues of entertainment from occassionally being a couch potato to tripping the lights fantastic. These include theatre, music - classical and contemporary, sporting events (baseball and hockey are 2 of my favorites) and travel."
My Perfect Date in a Nutshell Would Be:
I am looking for someone who is taller than I am (5'4"). Weight and the amount of muscles that you have acquired are not the first items on my list. A neat and clean appearance is more important.
I'm a Good Date Because:
I can easily make conversation, have good social graces and for the right person leave you wanting for more!
The Smartest Thing I Ever Did Was...
Wake up this morning!
My Creativity Shows When...
Given a challenge
One thing worth going to jail for would be...
Haven't found anything yet

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Basic Information

Age: 58
Gender: Female
Status: Divorced
Affiliation: Conservative
Location: Lake Worth, FL (USA)
Occupation: Medical
Last active: Been a While...

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