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Jewish Divorce - GETT - Only in (North) America?
how to search for the love of your life

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April 05, 2011

Jewish Divorce - GETT - Only in (North) America?

ewish Divorce - GETT

(I am surprised there isn’t a separate forum for this!)

I was married twice: Once at a civil service. Once in a Shule. The first divorce (civil) had flaws, and now we both have different lawyers to try the divorce again.

I called the Shule that married us. To ask about a GETT.

The secretary said ”As we are not members of the shule…” and politely said ”don’t bother us”. WOW.

I’d like to ensure that my Former Wife understands that she is committing adultry without a religous GETT. And that I may not sign a GETT without approval.

Funny about having to be a member.
In 1950, my Dad tried to go to Shule during the High Holy Days. He was turned away because he did not have a ticket - he as not a member of the Shule. He was very angry and said loudly: ”I was in a concentration camp for 4 1/2 years. The Nazi’s didn’t ask for membership - but YOU are asking me????”

Being Jewish in North America, is a very strange and sickening thing.

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February 13, 2011

how to search for the love of your life

There are multiple of web sites all for dating. Within each web site, there are search parameters. Some of them make sense, many may not. Why? Well, everyone is different. While you may be searching for one ”parameter”, that doesn’t mean someone else uses different criteria.

Those words: Parameter, Attributes, Criteria.

Some are obvious - if you are male, you probably are seeking a female.

If you are short, you want to find someone to see ”eye to eye ”. The same may be true with education, finances, life style and activities.

One of the biggest worries is trying to find the right person without becoming a ”stalker”. That perfect person you seek may also be on any number of like dating sites. As well, they may be using a ”name” or ”profile” that is similar across the net. My licence plate is v1rusdr (virus doctor). In some cases, it becomes my profile, my icon, my nick name or even my user name!

Next. You need to fill out your profile. Some people treat this as an unrealistic wish list. Pretending to be rich, hoping to meet someone with enough money to fulfill their wildest dreams. Others are too shy, and downplay themselves so badly that their profile is sparsely populated, giving potential suitors no real idea of who they are and what they want! And some people believe profiles are a chance to list every activity known to mankind: ”I like to swim, ski, fish, horseback ride, gokart, scuba dive, cross country skiing/running, marathon and eat out at expensive restaurants”.

So, where is the happy medium? What do you list that will tell people WHO you are without misleading them about your current lifestyle, and yet still take into account that you may be down on your luck because your last (date, mate, love, crush) either (died, left you, you left them, they took all your money, you took all their money). And you may be with or without enough cash to make ends meet. Or you just won the lottery and you are looking for at least 5 (husbands or wives)!

Happiness lays in the middle. Honesty helps a bunch too.

And above all else. Try not to be bitter about how you got to this stage of the game in your life. Oh, and don’t be too happy either - you don’t want to give a bad impression!

A female friends favourite ”pick up line”….. ”You look like my first husband”. Him: ”HOW MANY have you had?” Her: None.

About the author:

Jerrold Schiff was born in Toronto Canada. Transplanted to Orlando Fl in 1997. He currently is semi-retired as a computer repair person, removing viruses from residential computers. His web site is http://www.schiffkey.com

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