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JBlog by GilaGideon

Doing Business in Israel – New Israel’s B2B market
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Is it better today to live in Israel than the US?
Management- the Israeli way

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Is it better today to live in Israel than the US?

People in Israel always thought that making Aliya from the U.S. to Israel is only Zionism and involves considerable economic concessions, because who can compete with the high standard of living in the United States of America? The ‘man in the street’ in Israel has never managed to understand why an immigrant (Olle) from the U.S.A. has made a choice to leave the basket of plenty and possibilities and come to Israel. It turns out that the data in the field today show otherwise…

Rafi Glick, a teacher and a mentor at Ben Gurion University ” A Man with a Vision ” and CEO at Bidsnet Ltd. writes down his thoughts.It might interest you !

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Posted: April 05, 2010

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