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JBlog by chico

What's wrong with American Idol?
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My Great Weekend

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My Great Weekend

This weekend I was with the family having fun at the beach. We rented a big van for no reason other than to get a discount on the rental for the day. Even thought we own a few SUVís and we could have easily have fit everything, including beach supplies, into one of our SUVs we still went to Enterprise Rent a Car and got a van.

Sometimes you just feel like going out and renting a random car. It happens. I donít know if youíve ever done that. Especially when you have money to blow you can do that sort of thing. Nice!!!!

Posted: May 04, 2007

Member Comments:

1: jerrylaw

That makes absolutely no sense!

Posted: 2007-05-04

2: jerrylaw

You couldn't have donated that money to charity instead?

Posted: 2007-05-04

3: chico

I can do what ever I want with my money!

Posted: 2007-05-04

4: jerrylaw

C'mon you know its a total waste to just randomly rent a van
when you own a car. Its cheaper to clean the SUV after going
to the beach than it is to rent a car for someone else to
clean. Be serious!

Posted: 2007-05-04

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