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JBlog by chico

What's wrong with American Idol?
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What's wrong with American Idol?

Ever since they eliminated Sanjaya from the show it has become monotonous. Its the same crap year after year. Also, add to the fact that the winners in past seasons have NOT acutally gone on to become actual American Idols. So it kind of wears on you to know that you’re watching a futile attempt at jump starting a career that will not materialize into anything significant.

Still, had Sanjaya won it would have shooken up the establishment. I hope that kid goes on to do big things, he can only improve and get better with time and experience.

Posted: May 04, 2007

Member Comments:

1: zachariah55

American Idol Stinks. Watch something better or do something
with your life!

Posted: 2007-07-02

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