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Yideoz.com - just in time
Here She Is

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Here She Is

Finally, our very own yideoz blog!

A quick background…
Basically Yideoz was started in order to provide an alternative to the other video websites out there that place no bounds on the amount of outwardly anti-Semitic, anti-Israel content that they carry. You cant breathe on youtube without coming across videos that bash Israel for her “human rights violations”, etc. Not to mention the sickening comments that perfectly reasonable videos receive constantly just for being pro-Jewish/Israel. When I am looking for interesting/entertaining content on the internet, I dont want to deal with the slander that now, thanks to sites that basically don’t give a ****, reaches into my very own home. I understand freedom of expression and all that, but how come things that have become pretty much illegal on the street, are now totally acceptable and commonplace on the internet?

Yideoz won’t stand for any of that crap. We are all about Jewish pride and showing the world, and one another, why we rock. Our videos and comments are closely monitored both by the yideoz team and by our users.

On a lighter note..
We plan to use this as way to shamelessly market ourselves keep everyone up to date on all of the exciting stuff we are up to behind the scenes, as well as to use it as a platform to present the tons of articles and blogs out there that carry all sorts of interesting information relating to the world of online video and niche sites.

We warmly welcome comments, suggestions and inquiries as to why we didnt call the site jewtube.

Stay tuned…

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Posted: July 17, 2007

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