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Maccabi USA Springs Forward

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Maccabi USA Springs Forward

Finally, Spring is here. We have turned the clocks forward and picked up the pace. Hopefully there will be no more crawling through the slush or shoveling the driveway(obviously this doesnít apply to much of the West Coast contingent).

Even though it was halfway across the world, Major League Baseball has already thrown its first meaningful pitch. Fans of Americaís Pasttime have to be excited for that. But, donít forget about the basketball enthusiasts. Iím sure you all havenít stopped humming that March Madness theme song weíve all grown to love. All of this lets us know that Summer, 2008 is right around the corner. Though for us here at Maccabi USA, the Summer of 2009 is just as close.

Before I go any further, I just wanted to congratulate Bruce Pearl on a great season. Obviously, nobody wants to go out in the Sweet 16, but Coach Pearl has built a college basketball force down in Tennessee and Iím sure the Volunteers will be right near the top again next year. We are extremely proud to have him a part of the Maccabi USA family.

The month of April will be a very exciting time for us. Our 18th Maccabiah Organizing Committee is almost complete and on Sunday, April 13th, a meeting will be held to get the ball rolling for Team USA. Chairmen, coaches, managers, medical staff, and leadership for our organization will meet to discuss preparations for the 18th World Maccabiah Games in Israel. Applications have already started coming in and we expect this to be the best team weíve ever brought to Israel.

Speaking of applications, it is important to get them in if you havenít yet. With tryout dates and places yet to be established for some sports, we will need your information so we can contact you when plans become finalized. Log onto, http://www.maccabiusaapp.com/ to apply.
I have received several emails over the past couple weeks regarding participation as both an athlete and as a member of the staff. Each applicant must apply for only one position as a member of Team USA.

Everybody here is working very hard to get the word out and find athletes. As I have expressed to the Alumni via email, I encourage you to spread the word as well. I canít tell you how many athletes we find because of past members of Maccabi USA telling people about their experience. There have already been thousands of fliers produced and I would be more than happy to send you some to post at any athletic facility(country clubs, national tournaments, JCCís, etc.).

Make sure to keep checking in on my blog for the latest happenings with Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel. I will be posting every week. Donít hesitate to email or call me with any questions or if you just want to give a shout to our Program Director, Ami Monson. I know how much the Alumni love him.

Jameson Singer, Outreach Coordinator
Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel
1926 Arch St., Suite #4R
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 561-6900 ext. 114
fax: (215) 561-5470

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Posted: April 01, 2008

Member Comments:

1: zachariah55

I can't wait for the next games in '09 either. I'm glad you
guys are reaching out to Jewish Athletes. Surprisingly I've
met a few athletes who didn't know much about the Maccabi
events. I doing my part to spread the word. Keep up the good
work Jameson!

Posted: 2008-04-04

2: MaccabiUSA

We appreciate any help we can get! Thanks, zachariah.

Posted: 2008-04-08

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