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Sarah Palin's Israeli flag?

From the Arutz Sheva article this is what they explain about Republican Vice President nominee Sarah Palin (I included the link to the article below):

“Gov. Palin has little reason to wear it because of the Jewish population in the state, which is the largest in terms of area in the United States but whose estimated 6,000 Jews leave Alaska with one of the country’s smallest Jewish communities. accounting for only 0.5 percent of the state’s citizens.

Surprisingly, 70 percent of Alaskan Jews light candles on eve of the Sabbath, compared with 32 percent of all American Jews, according to Dr. Gerhard Falk, a New York State sociology professor.

Gov. Palin is a likely Israeli backer because she is “a very religious person, and the religious Christians are the greatest supporters of Israel,” according to the Hawaii’s Jewish governor, Linda Lingle, also a Republican.”

She’s got to be the most friendly candidate to Israel of the entire bunch that is running for the oval office this year. Obama and McCain may have given good AIPAC speeches but Sarah shows her support even though she’s in a pretty much non-Jewish state. How would this affect your vote this year if you hold Israel high on your list of concerns?

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Posted: September 08, 2008

Member Comments:

1: SteveF84

Sarah Palin is great for us
jews. Steve http://www.myglobalmatch.com

Posted: 2008-10-02

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