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Jmerica Jdirectory

JDirectory Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I ADD my Business to the JDirectory?
All Jmerica members with a Networking profile can add their business to the JDirectory from the "manage profiles" section of Your Control Panel. Non-members can register for Jmerica and then proceed to add their business listing after their Networking profile is complete.

2) Why do I need a Networking Profile to add my business?
Jmerica's JDirectory is taking a new approach to the online business directory by allowing users to see a face behind each listing. We also take pride in having our directory listings certified and authenticated by our staff for the sake of our users. Certified listings with Networking profiles have a higher chance of being contacted for business by Jmerica users. It benefits both you and your new potential customers!

3) What do the JDirectory Rankings mean?
JDirectory sponsor & Jmerica Staff authenticated with a valid reciprocal link.

Authenticated by the Jmerica Staff. These listings usually are accompanied by a Networking Profile and a valid reciprocal link.

Not yet authenticated by the Jmerica Staff. These are usually new listings that will be authenticated in the near future.

4) Is the JDirectory really FREE?
Yes, the JDirectory is free for all Jmerica members! There is no cost to join Jmerica and no cost to submit your own business to the Jdirectory.

5) Can I add my Non-Profit Organization or Jewish Temple?
Absolutely! We gladly welcome and feature a great number of Jewish Temples, Hillels, Summer Camps, and other non-profit and community organizations.

6) How do I add a reciprocal link from my web site to the JDirectory?
We always appreciate a JDirectory reciprocal link on your web site Listings with a valid reciprocal link will have their web address displayed as a "clickable" hyperlink. You can copy the HTML code for the following links and place them onto your web site's homepage. When you update or create your free JDirectory business listing please notify us of the reciprocal link location on your web site

JDirectory Link 1:
JDirectory: Jewish Business Directory
Jewish Business Directory Member

Copy the following code:

JDirectory Link 2:
JDirectory: Jewish Business Directory
Jewish Business Directory Member

Copy the following code:

JDirectory Link 3:
JDirectory: Jewish Business Directory Member

Copy the following code:

7) How can I add my company logo to my listing?
It's easy, just login to your Jmerica account and click on "Edit My Pictures" in the right hand panel and you'll arrive at the photo upload section. Just upload your company logo and make sure to set it as your "Business Profile Pic" by selecting the new image from the drop down menu. As your default Business Networking Profile photo it will automatically show up in your Jdirectory business listing.

8) How can I add my web banner advertisement to the JDirectory or Jmerica.com home page? ?
Read our instructions on how to add your web banner to the Jdirectory and Jmerica.com home home page.

9) How can I suggest a Category?
To suggest a JDirectory category or sub-category email us at support@Jmerica.com